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**The Althuria Chronicles series is already published. Applications for review copies are closed for this series. Joining my ARC Team at this time gives you eligibility to read and review the Shadow and Ruin series.**

Hi there! I'm looking for honest and reliable reviewers for my ARC Team. If you're interested, fill out the form and join in on the fun! 🙂

An ARC Team is super important for me to release my books, so I need your help! The main thing an ARC Team does is review my newest books—so I will send you a free e-copy of my latest book via BookFunnel!

Yup, FREE.

And in return, you agree to leave a review of said book within a week of the release date. I will get the ARC (Advance Reader Copy) to you at least a week in advance. If you need more than a week (for a book around 60K words), please e-mail me at

Why a week? That’s the most important time for a new book! Amazon will take notice of the spike in reviews. The more reviews, the more they take notice and this can help me market the book. During release day, the more reviews on Amazon, the better. But the first week is a pretty crucial part. You would be helping me out a lot by signing up to do this, especially for a debut author like me.

By filling out this form, you’re letting me know you are interested in being part of my ARC Team. I’ll contact those who apply with details of the release. Do not try to share the book because BookFunnel can trace it back you!

Once you have your review up you can leave it on Goodreads, Amazon, or simply email it to me ( You can also e-mail me if you have any questions. There will likely be some sort of giveaway for participation, I’m just not sure what it will be yet... 😉

Thank you for your interest!

Thanks for filling this out! I appreciate it 🙂

Please support me by passing this form to anyone who would be interested in reading and reviewing my YA fantasy books!

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