Runes and Rebellion

A trip through time. A mission for justice. A momentous journey.

War is on the horizon.

After Asha uses her power to turn back time, she vows to protect her loved ones from the Queen of Althuria’s wrath. Her efforts bring her into a desperate rebellion, guiding her outside of Althuria and all she’s ever known.

Despite lingering doubts about her diplomatic abilities, she seeks the Eltyr dwarves in the great Mystil Mountains for their advanced weapons, the rebel forces for their manpower, and the Lanthan Eternos tower to restore the balance of magic across the world.

But it quickly becomes clear that her actions are painting a target on her back…and placing her allies in the line of fire. With danger following her every step and spies lurking in the shadows, how far will Asha go to get what she needs? Will her struggle devolve into chaos, or will she prevail with the full force of her might?

And, most importantly… Can she win against the Queen?

Runes and Rebellion is a journey of the strongest friendships, the worst betrayals, and the mightiest foes. This is the third instalment in the Althuria Chronicles coming-of-age fantasy series.


  • Date Published: July 18th, 2022
  • Publisher: GPV Publishing
  • Formats Available: Ebook, Paperback
  • Ebook ASIN: B0B1CVFJVV
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