Void and Valor

A fight for fairness. An ascension to royalty. A battle like no other.

Althuria is in chaos.

With the power of both Eternos towers in her hands, the Queen of Althuria is unstoppable. Every moment is an inevitable step toward her world domination. Asha is no match for her, even as her void magic grows stronger.

The rebellion is crushed. Hiding in the Academy, they can only wait and weather each new attack. Their only hope is to sever the Queen's connection to the Eternos towers and restore peace to the land. If—and only if—they succeed, they have a chance at defeating the Queen’s army.

Is Asha destined to fail against an unbeatable foe? Or will she rise to face the Queen while her comrades fall?

What is she willing to lose in the throes of battle?

Guaranteed to thrill, Void and Valor is the riveting finale to the Althuria Chronicles.


  • Date Published: December 20th, 2022
  • Publisher: GPV Publishing
  • Formats Available: eBook, Paperback
Ryver's Fantasy Fury

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